2016.5.1 Other

Donation to the victims of Kumamoto Earthquake

In response to the news of the damage caused by the Kumamoto earthquake in April, we have launched the IZA LOVE YOU project, which we have been conducting on an ongoing basis, and are collecting donations in cooperation with designers in Europe and the United States. For those who cooperated, we presented special items designed by designers for the victims relief. Because of the urgent need for support, we have donated 1 million yen to the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund from the pooled donations that have been ongoing since 2011 and are still being selected for donation, prior to the donation for this project. We are currently selecting the recipients of the donation to ensure that the money received from this project is used properly and to the maximum extent possible. We will announce about the details of donation on the NEWS page as soon as it is decided. Thank you for your continued support of IZA LOVE YOU.